Submersible LED Pool Lights (With Remote)

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With the Underwater Pool Lights, you can illuminate your pool with 10 colors for different occasions. Purple, red, and green are amazing for parties of dreams where as blue and white are excellent for relaxing nights.

It is also excellent for home decoration so you can place it anywhere it fits well. 
It is so easy to use and it contains a remote control that will allow you to change the color of all lights at the same time and change light intensity.

*Be sure to screw the cap clockwise and tightly before putting it in the water.

*When the battery runs out, the lights stay red, if they no longer change between colors and the remote control stops working, replace the battery.

*The maximum depth to reach is recommended to less than 2 m.


Question: Can this submersible light sink into the pool?

Answer: Of course, they can. This submersible led light can sink to the bottom of the pool.
When using it in a small pool or such a place, just throw it into the water. Especially when you take a shower in a bathtub, it's convenient to take anywhere even play it in hands, can also have a lot of fun.
By Mark Williams on July 19, 2020

Question: Can you use rechargeable batteries?

Answer: Of course you can. these bathtub lights are powered by 3AAA batteries, you can use rechargeable batteries. or use disposable battery,when the battery runs out, you can recharge or replace the battery of the pool light.
By Mark Williams on June 7, 2020

Question: Will these suction to an above ground pool?

Answer: Yes, they can. The package includes a magnet and strong suction cups, It can stick on any place and is very strong, it hasn't fallen off yet. Clean the surface before attaching, make sure there is not any stuff between the surface and suction cup, especially remember to remove the lubricant like shower cream, moss, etc.

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