Women's & men's anti-slip sandals for indoor and outdoor use (50% DISCOUNT TODAY)

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Color: Orange
Shoe Size: 2-3 (9-1/16 IN)
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Their modern unisex design and materials make the sandals the best choice for anyone who suffers from any type of foot pain and wants to avoid overly conventional sandals.

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Among their benefits, these sandals help relieve pain caused by arthritis, swelling, plantar fasciitis, muscle pain, poor circulation, cramps and most importantly, they are incredibly good at improving foot and arch support.
Wear them all day without discomfort.


Promote relaxation and well-being
✅ A sole that adapts and relieves you
✅ A trendy and colourful look

Lightness in the legs, you are on cloud nine.

The 4.5 cm sole hugs the arch of your foot for maximum comfort. Your walk becomes supple and light. Pain disappears and is replaced by a feeling of well-being throughout your body... The sensation is instantaneous, you are on cloud nine!

Suitable for all environments

The Sandals have been designed with a non-slip material to prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. All-terrain sandals to accompany you in all your indoor and outdoor activities.

A therapeutic cushion

In reflexology, it is known that the nerve endings of each organ are located under the feet. It is therefore in our interest to take care of them and pamper them.
Wearing your sandals means that you have therapeutic care under your feet at all times. 

Thick insole made of environmentally friendly material

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA®) is widely recognised in the orthopaedic world. It is BPA-free, which makes it considered a safe alternative material. The calorific value of EVA is similar to that of oil. This makes EVA rather environmentally friendly.

*We advise you to choose your usual size.
**If you are not sure which size to choose, take the next size up.

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