Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask (10PCS)

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Blink With Charm After Relaxing Your Eyes!

Are your eyes too done with facing monitors and smartphones all the time? Let's relieve stress with using Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask.

Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask is the perfect tool to relieve fatigue and puffiness on your eyes. Just put it on when you feel tired, it will soon start mild steaming which helps promoting blood circulation and relaxation. Get yourself a nice warm spa on eyes!


  • Reverse Your Eyes' Age:
    Reduces any aging clues on your eyes, giving you bright and glamorous eyes.

  • Relieves Fatigue:
    No more tiredness on your eyes after daily routine, soothing and calming.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation:
    Mildly warming your eyes to improve blood circulation, helps reducing dark circles and puffiness.
  • Sweet Sleep:
    With lovely lavender scent to enhance sleeping quality, stay away from insomnia and get relaxed.
  • Steaming Enjoyment:
    Get steamy warm in just a few minutes, no need to wait for it to heat up.

  • Comfy & Safe:
    All parts are made with cotton to let you enjoy the snuggie experience.
  • Perfect to Go With Serum:
    Could use it after applying eye serum to boost its performance.
  • Any Occasions:
    Can be used during break, sleeping or travelling - at anytime you feel tired.


  • Materials: Medical-grade fabric, Iron powder, Activated carbon, Water absorbing resin
  • Net Weight: 17.5g
  • Fragrances: Scent-Free, Lavender


  • 1 Box x Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask (10PCS) OR
  • 2 Boxes x Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask (10PCS) OR
  • 3 Boxes x Eyelax™ Rejuvenating Steaming Eye Mask (10PCS)

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