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Tough stain requires tough cleaning.

Are all the cleaning and scrubbing making you tired? With this Electric Spin Scrubber, you can clean any area in your home and leave it spotless in no time. You will be surprised by its amazing cleaning power.

It’s the hottest cleaning tool in the market today.

No more exhausted hands and exerting too much force trying to remove a stain. It features a 120° angle design for your convenience. No more bending over and getting back pain. Let this Electric Spin Scrubber do all the work for you.

This powerful scrubber cleans surfaces better with less effort.

It spins 360° allowing it to reach most surfaces with ease. Once fully charged, it can be used cordlessly for about an hour. This feature helps you clean without restricting your movement.

Suitable for cleaning the tile floors, bathtub, soap scum, sink, car, window, dirty kitchen, and many others. Works both in and out of the house. It’s lightweight and portable, allowing you to use and store it as needed.

Made with high-quality ABS and other materials to ensure quality and durability. The water-resistant coating allows you to clean safely even on wet surfaces. It’s designed to be your ultimate cleaning partner for years.

This set comes with three brush heads to meet all your cleaning needs. While all 3 of them are flexible, each brush is suitable for a certain surface. They remove a stubborn stain, clean dirt, and work best on designated surfaces.

Saves you time and effort.

It also features a telescopic rod that allows you to adjust it according to the need. If you wish to reach and clean high areas such as the ceiling, windows, shower-head, and more, you can simply adjust it to make it longer. You can also make it shorter if you wish to have more control when cleaning dirty surfaces.

Super convenient and easy to use.


  • Material: ABS, PP, Aluminum, Silica Gel
  • Item Weight: 850 g (1.9 lb)
  • Voltage: 110-240 VAC (50/60 HZ)
  • Batter Capacity: 4000 mA
  • Usage: 60 mins (cordless)

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