Mosquito Killing Swatter & Lamp

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2-in-1 Electric Swatter & Night Mosquito Killing Swatter

Charging Lamp Stand Included

Mosquitoes are the World's deadliest animal..

Each year, mosquitoes are the first reason for death to hit 725,000 victims.

Get rid of these annoying disease-spreading pests without harmful chemicals or lotions with the new Mosquito Killing Swatter & Lamp.


  • The Innovative Design allows you to take them out with a swat, or it can be put on its recharging base which uses Spectrum Lighting to attract them at night and does all the work for you.

  • Instantly kills mosquitoes and flies, with a swat or using the Spectrum Lighting, it will eliminate these pests effortlessly.
  • 365nm Spectrum Light attracts mosquitos in 360° Degrees by tapping into there natural instincts to feed.

  • Rechargeable USB PowerWidely compatible its rechargeable via. USB ports. Power by using USB wall adapters, Laptops, Powerbanks, and much more!

  • 100% Non-ToxicUnlike competitors, Mosquito Killing Swatter & Lamp is 100% Non-Toxic. Using only electricity and scientific methods to use mosquitoes' instinctual nature to kill and eliminate them.

Easy To Clean: The single-layer design requires no work to clean it, the bugs will die and fall off. It can be rubbed down to eliminate any excess gunk after a lot of use.

Safe For Your Family: Unlike toxic chemicals, sprays, and lotions, this is completely non-toxic and can not harm humans, including the Spectrum Lighting, it will not damage eyes.

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