All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray

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The revolutionary Magic Bubble Cleaner is disrupting the cleaning industry with its advanced chemical formula that lifts grease off of anything instantly by corroding and getting underneath like never before.

Simply spray, let it soak and then rinse or rub off any grease or grime.

  • Instantly Remove Grease or Grime
  • Save Time & Effort, No Scrubbing Required
  • All-New Formula Lifts Grime From Underneath
  • Restore Stove Tops, Pots or Metal Surfaces
  • Freshly Scented, Non-Toxic, No Chemical Smell

Save money on new pots, pans, stovetop coils or professional, toxic chemicals. Magic Bubble Cleaner is a safe alternative that doesn't require muscle, within seconds of spraying you will see it do it's magic, effortlessly removing grime.
Perfect for cleaning the tub, sinks, pots, stoves or any surface you can think of that has been ruined by grease or grime.

It Even Works On Fabric!

How To Use

1. Spray The Grimey Area Until It's Covered In Bubble
2. Wait 1-5 Minutes
3. When The Bubbles Turn Color, Rinse or Wipe

That's it!
3 easy steps, removing fried grease like never before, anybody can do it!


Non-Toxic, Grease Free Solution
Material: Ionized Water, Surfactant, Additive

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