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Payment conditions

LUCKYDEAL takes the payment and processing of personal information very seriously, in order to assure you that your financial information will not be used, sent or sold to third parties for any purpose unrelated to LUCKYDEAL and its own business and interests. In order to protect your privacy in the best possible way, LUCKYDEAL provides this notice to explain to all our customers and subscribers. Please read the document in its entirety to understand our online information practices, how we handle your information and payments. The information written on this page is related to LUCKYDEAL's payment methods and they are used only by LUCKYDEAL and apply only to LUCKYDEAL's official website :

By purchasing one or more items on the LUCKYDEAL website, you acknowledge and agree to the practices and guidelines described in this policy.

By visiting the LUCKYDEAL website at, you acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices and terms described in this policy.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. One of our operators will get back to you as soon as possible.

Money transactions
LUCKYDEAL does not personally handle money transactions. LUCKYDEAL has entrusted the payment service to a third party. This is done in order to offer a better service, with all the features that this dedicated activity requires. It has been done to guarantee a safe and professional service with respect to all the quality standards required by the market.

Our partners
Stripe is one of the leading players in electronic payments for e-commerce. Their mission is to create the best possible payment service to guarantee what customers really need: security, reliability and dynamism.

You only have to pay when you finish checking out. When you are sure that you want to order one or more of our products and you have put it/they in your shopping cart. You then enter the shopping cart and click on the checkout button. You will need to fill in the module with your personal details, the type of payment method you wish to use and your credit card details. The process may take a few seconds, so during the operation do not close or refresh your browser to avoid the process being invalidated.

Your information after payment
The payment information for your credit or debit card is necessary only for the money transaction during the payment procedure. It is done via a secure server and no one will ever have access to your payment details. LUCKYDEAL does not have access to or store your credit card information. The service in question is managed by Stripe/Shopify to ensure safety and security for both you and LUCKYDEAL.

Our payment method is entrusted to one of the leading players in the field. The choice has been made after a careful evaluation and Stripe/Shopify is definitely the most reliable and trustworthy partner.

Stripe/Shopify is certified according to the latest version of PCI DSS level 1. This is a comprehensive process that includes the following:

An annual compliance report (ROC) performed by a qualified security assessor (QSA).
Quarterly network scans performed by an Approved Scan Vendor (ASV).
A large number of rules and guidelines for workflows and for data processing and storage.
Both consumers and e-commerce merchants will benefit from the enhanced security requirements of PCI certification. By doing business with vendors that have obtained PCI certification, we as e-commerce businesses reduce the risk of fraud and give users a greater sense of security as a customer in the store. The purpose of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) is to have a common international standard for how credit card data is processed. The standard defines a set of requirements for storing, transmitting and managing credit card data - and how to verify that these requirements are met.

The LUCKYDEAL payment method includes a number of mechanisms to help prevent fraud attempts and thus minimise losses. Best practices in fraud prevention, such as 3D Secure, Fraud Filters, Pattern Recognition and Geo-Fence, help both you and LUCKYDEAL in the money transaction.

Mobile payments
LUCKYDEAL's payment method is smartphone friendly so you can easily access LUCKYDEAL's services anywhere and anytime, even from your mobile.

Accepted payment methods
The most popular and professional payment methods accept both credit and debit cards. Check the following list to see which payment method you can choose during the payment process. LUCKYDEAL is absolutely sure that your needs will be met.

We accept:

- Credit card (Visa,American express,Mastercard)

Change or revision of payment policy
LUCKYDEAL reserves the right to change this payment policy at any time, so please read it often. If LUCKYDEAL makes changes to this Payment Policy, we will post the revised Payment Policy here. If you want to be sure to stay up to date on changes or revisions to the Payment Policy, you can sign up for the newsletter and you will be notified when something in LUCKYDEAL's Payment Policy has changed.

Online dispute resolution
If you have had a problem with something you have purchased online, you can use this site to try to reach an out-of-court settlement. You can contact us using the contact form on the Contact Us page or by sending an email to

Privacy policy
LUCKYDEAL's payment policy is affected by LUCKYDEAL's privacy policy. Visit the specific page: LUCKYDEAL - Privacy Policy.

Return policy
The LUCKYDEAL payment policy is affected by the LUCKYDEAL return policy. Visit the dedicated page: LUCKYDEAL - Return Policy.

Shipping policy
The payment policy of LUCKYDEAL is affected by the delivery terms of LUCKYDEAL. Please visit the specific page: LUCKYDEAL - Shipping Policy.

If you want to read the most common answers and questions related to the LUCKYDEAL website, please visit the dedicated page: LUCKYDEAL - FAQ

By visiting the LUCKYDEAL website, you acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices and policies explained in this description of payment methods.


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